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Our motivation

Everyone at alloqis is dedicated to help allocating our world's limited resources in the most effective way.

Here is why.

In a turning point of our professional careers, we were able to witness unprecedented scarcity driven by the Corona crisis and the semi-conductor shortage in particular. And while markets have shown time and again that they can handle scarcity most effectively - a company itself is not a market, and most companies are not set up for this task.

Supply shortages may have normalised for now, but geopolitics and global logistics remain turbulent and both climate change as well as the interest rate reversal are creating new scarcities: capital & CO2 emissions rights.

Manufacturing is Germany's and Europe's industrial backbone - and yet this sector faces higher expectations, tougher constraints and more regulation than ever before.

In this world of scarcities, competing targets and conflicting interests, we have embarked on a journey to empower manufacturers to have optimal & balanced scenarios at their fingertips when internally allocating their resources.
Our ambition: Making manufacturing more profitable, more sustainable & more resilient!

The founding team

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